Yu Tang Ceramics Studio & Gallery is a cooperative ceramic studio and gallery space located in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle since February, 2017. The studio offers group and private classes, workshops, studio apprenticeships, and rented artist space. A space open for all to mindfully explore clay, personal expression, and identity. There is a focus on building community and relationships with partnering organizations, students, teachers, studio members, resident artists, and featured artists in the gallery.

For more information on hosting an event or having your organization partner for outreach programming, please visit our Community Outreach page.

Yu Tang Ceramics Studio & Gallery features and sells works by various artists and the works of owner and artist Curtis Yu. 

Works for sale can be found at the Yu Tang Ceramics Studio & Gallery located at 519 North 85th Street, Seattle, WA 98103, at the Ballard Farmers Market, and custom orders are available by contacting Curtis Yu at sales@yutangceramics.com

Group classes and individual lessons are available and can be scheduled at your convenience. 


Formally studied Ceramics at Western Washington University, Tacoma Community College, Whatcom Community College, and at Quyang Dingci Chinaware Co., in northern China. Yu Tang Ceramics was established in March, 2015. The character “Tang” is an ancient Chinese word meaning “style of” in reference to ceramics of the Tang dynasty. The name Yu Tang translates to “The Yu style ceramic ware.”


I am fascinated with the endless expressive possibilities of clay. I love to immerse myself in the sensory journey taken in ceramics - from the earth as clay, to being molded with human hands, to being set permanently in fire. I find throwing on the wheel a moving meditation where I can become empty of life’s distractions.

I use ceramics to express my identity as a Chinese American. My work incorporates influences from Chinese art, mythology, language, and culture from brush calligraphy to carved motifs.

I create a variety of wheel-thrown functional and decorative pieces. After the form is created I find ways to finish the piece that allow for a certain degree of unpredictability. I love the art of Raku. I am influenced by the horse hair pottery of the Southwest Native Americans. I layer glazes that flow, separate, join, and concentrate within the textures of chatter marks and curves of the wheel thrown forms I make.

-Curtis Yu


  • Formal Study - Tacoma Community College Ceramic Dept.
    - Tacoma, Washington, 2001 - 2003

  • Formal Study - Western Wasington University Ceramic Dept.
    - Bellingham, Washington, 2003 - 2004

  • Independent Study - Quyang Dingci Chinaware Co. 
    - Quyang Baoding, Hebei, China, Spring 2005

  • Formal Study - Whatcomb Community College Ceramic Dept.
    - Bellingham, Washington, 2006 - 2007

  • BA, Self Titled Concentration - A Multicultural Perspective on the Expressive Arts for Children - Western Washington University / Fairhaven College
    - Bellingham, Washington, 2009

Teaching and Work Experience

  • Ceramic Arts Instructor - Four Winds Westward Ho Camp
    - Orcas Island, Washington, Summers of 2001 - 2009

  • Multi-Media Arts Teacher - Hui Nui Au Visual Arts Center
    - Maui, Hawaii, 2010 - 2011

  • Production Potter - Millbrook Clayworks 
    - Port Hadlock, Washington, 2013 - 2016

  • Owner/ Artist/ Instructor - Yu Tang Ceramics
    - Seattle, Washington, 2015 - Present 

Gallery Exhibitions and Representation

  • Baas Gallery - Seattle, Washington, Winter 2016

  • Phinney Ridge Umpqua Bank - Seattle, Washington, Summer 2017

  • Roosevelt Square Umpqua Bank - Seattle, Washington, Fall 2017

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